Yama translates as “mountain”, ji as “temple”. Yama-ji is not mountain temple in the literal sense, but rather a metaphor to the study of budô (martial ways). Many people begin the study of martial arts with a variety of goals in mind. Primarily, this is to acquire self-defense skills, to develop self-control, to instill discipline, competitive sporting aspects and/or attaining physical fitness. While all these attributes are by-products of martial arts, training in Japanese Budô, in the truest sense, is a “Michi” or “Way”.
     Yama-ji continues in the tradition of budô as a unique “mountain” path. This path leads one to understand that the development of physical martial art skills (body) is interdependent upon the development of the mind and spirit. This path is long, steep, and filled with many physical, technical and mental difficulties. This requires constant reorientation and guidance along the way. The diligent student realizes that budô is personal development (the temple), a dedication to self-cultivation and self-perfection.


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