In a traditional dj, membership fees support the existence amd maintenance of the dj. Dues are not simple payments in exchange for instruction. None of the instructors at Yama-ji receive any financial compensation for teaching; all funds collected go directly toward maintaining the dj and sponsorship with our parent organizations.

Monthly Dues:

One person - $60.00
Two people - $110.00
Three people - $150.00
Four people - $180.00

Important note: Please make sure that your dues are in on time. This is to insure that the rent and utilities are paied on time. Without prior notice, there will be a charge of $20.00 for all late payment of dues.

Yearly Membership (all members):

For students under black belt: $30.00 (Once a year for Seibukan) For black belts: $95.00 (Once a year for Seibukan)

Students of Okazaki-ha Shin Tenshin Shin'yo-ry:

Amount ($) variable see staff (Once a year for Shin Tenshin Shin'yo-ry Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.)

Payment options:

Yama-ji does not use contracts. Dj dues are payable on a month-to-month basis. For convenience for members, Yama-ji utilizes transfer of funds via credit/debit card (Visa/Master Card). On the first day of each month, membership fees are transferred from a members designated account, eliminating the need to write checks. We encourage everyone to use this method for dj fees. However, members may also submit membership fees by personal check made payable to the order of Yama-ji.
     A student who will be absent from the dj for two months or more, but who wishes to keep his enrollment current, may request switching to a leave of absence membership and continue to support the dj for $25 per month.

Examination Fees:

Rank examination and certification are conducted the first Saturday of each month. The dj is closed for normal classes. Students will be notified via the dj bulletin board or from instructors when they are scheduled. More information (regarding what is expected, time, fees, etc.) is available through one of the instructors at the dj.

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